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Overview of the GCL course

Qualification for this curriculum

Qualified students must meet the following conditions. They must apply for the course and be accepted.

  • They must belong to this university’s master courses listed as below
  • Graduate School of Information Science and Technology(Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematical Informatics , Department of Information Physics & Computing, Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Department of Mechano-Informatics, and Department of Creative Informatics)
  • Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies (Department of Interdisciplinary Information)
  • School of Engineering (Department of Urban Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems)
  • Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine ( Department of Social Medicine, School of Integrated Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture ( Department of Global Agricultural Sciences)
  • Graduate School of Education (Division of Clinical Psychology)
  • Graduate School of Economics (Management) *Employers up to FY2018
  • Graduate School of Public Policy
  • Graduate Schools for Law and Politics (General School of Politic Policy)
  • They should aim to doctoral program in any of the above majors.
  • In a broader sense, qualified students should have interest in applying advanced ICT technologies to society and be willing to learn them actively.

Qualified students must meet the following conditions to be the second year students.

  • They aspire to be a social innovation leader based on the advanced ICT.
  • They understand the purpose and requirement of this program.
  • They accept their diploma to show they complete this program.