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What is Global Design Workshop (GDWS)

The purpose of the Global Design Workshop (GDWS) is to clarify the critical social  issues and the new opportunities; to recommend appropriate solutions and make proposal of vision for the future; and to obtain useful feedbacks. The GCL organizes approximately 10 workshops per year with invited professional speakers who are active in the forefront of variety of fields from Japan and overseas under specific topics. The  GCL course students participate actively in the workshops and make hot discussions  with the professionals. These workshops are held under the guidance of professionals,  and the GCL course students plan, carry out, survey and analyze the theme, participate  in discussions with the guest lecturers, summarize and convey the recommendations, and analyze the society responses as opportunities for hands-on practical skill training.

Educational researches of the Workshops are carried out with collaboration among GCL instructors, supporters, and students. For the public event schedules, please check the following Facebook page.

■Overview of GDWS
GDWS structure, which consists of workshop A, B and C, is as follows.
Please confirm the workshops that you should register for.

Workshop A: Basic (The First year of Master’s Course)

  • Understanding the workshop by participating
  • Students are required to take three levels (Small/Medium/Large) of Workshops A by November in the First Year of Master’s Course.
  • It is used for the grade evaluation and deciding advancement to the Second year of Master’s Course.

Workshop B: Intermediate (The First year ~ The Second year of Master’s Course)

  • Learning about methodologies of the workshop through practical activities
  • Students are required to take workshop B by the end of Master’s Course. (Doctoral Course (Ph.D.) transfer students are required to take it after entering the GCL course.)

Workshop C: Advanced (Doctoral Course (Ph.D.))

  • Practicing research activities to make full use of the workshops
  • Students are required to take workshop C until submission of doctoral dissertation (completion during Year 3 and 4 is recommended)

Application guide and forms:


■GCL Course Students and Instructors:
For more information about GDWS please visit the following page.
If you have not registered for the group application yet, please register.
(Please note that registration is only possible for the GCL course students and the instructors.)

■Activity Calendar
You can check the GDWS schedule from the following Google Calendar.
Please synchronize with your primary Google Calendar as necessary.

■Reports of Activities
You can find archival reports at