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GCL Craft Center

GCL Course Students can use the following common use spaces and experimental facilities.

GCL Lab  

Currently closed

DSC_0124   DSC_0123
Venue: 2nd Fl., Faculty of Engineering Bldg.3, Hongo Campus

GCL Course Students can use GCL Lab that features conference rooms and a printer.  Terms of use are currently under review.

1. Craft Center #1

Venue: Lab for the Electrical System, Faculty of Engineering Bldg.13, Hongo Campus


Dr.Yoshio MITA
Associate Professor
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, The University of Tokyo


  • 3D Printer (3D TOUCH) 3DPrinter

  • Universal Laser Systems


  • Laser Systems (AD-VD-60100)

DSC_0102 (under repair)


2. Craft Center #2

Venue: B1Fl, Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 2, Hongo Campus

Point of Contact: to be announced


  • 3D Printer :3D Systems/Projet 3510
  • Product Design Suite (Autodesk)
  • UST-BOX (JUNS) *8Fl., Faculty of Engineering Bldg.#2


3. Craft Center #4

VLSI Design and Education Center (VDEC)

Venue :  2-11-16 Yayoi Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Room411, Takeda Bldg., Asano Campus, Univ. of Tokyo


 Associate Professor Yoshio MITA


Contact Person :

Dr. Amir Masoud Gharehbaghi, Project Assistant Professor
Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems
The University of Tokyo
Email: amir[at] (Please replace [at] to @)

VDEC Services:

  1.  EDA CAD Tools: VDEC provides different EDA CAD tools for academic use (not commercial  use) for free to faculty members, researchers, and students. Current EDA tools are from different vendors such as Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor, and Agilent. Faculty members can apply to become VDEC user by contacting the VDEC center office. Researchers and students should ask their supervisor to become a VDEC user.
  2. Fabrication Service: VDEC provides chip fabrication service using different technologies such as CMOS 0.8um, CMOS 0.18um, CMOS 65nm, and SiGe BiCMOS 130nm. For more information  on how to use the service, schedules and costs please see the VDEC webpage and/or contact the VDEC center office.
  3. Equipments: VDEC has a super cleanroom as well as different testers/test equipments that are used for academic and research purpose. For more information please visit the VDEC webpage.
  4. Training Courses: VDEC has several training courses, workshops, and seminars for VDEC users. Please see the VDEC webpage for more information.

When using the facilities of VDEC center, it shall be used in accordance with their regulation.  Meanwhile, students are required to pay the cost of “Chip” on the occasion of  making the prototype production due to their price list.  For more details, please contact to POC.



Instructions and directions given by the supervisor to the student (user) while using facilities must be followed immediately.

Regular workshops and training sessions to be conducted are good hands-on opportunities for students before using facilities. We recommend that you refer to the GCL website frequently for News and Topics updates.


4. Craft Center #5

GCL workshop for distributed and parallel systems

 Venue: Room 136, Chemical East Bldg., Hongo Campus

Yoshihide Yoshimoto,
Associate Professor,
Department of Computer Science
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology







Conact Person:
Dr. Daisuke Sakamoto
Department of Computer Science
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Email:sakamoto [at] (Please replace [at] to @)

・Rasberry Pi B+  and Rasberry Pi 2 (each 48 device installed in lab)
・Any other equipment necessary for the use of the above.

For research on distributed and parallel computing
For further details, please check here at


About Insurance

Note that the University of Tokyo will cover your Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (contraction of Japanese term referring to “Gakkensai”) according to our rules.
In addition, the Personal Liability Insurance for Students (contraction of Japanese term referring to “Gakkenbai”) is compulsory for all the GCL course students. In principle, the student is responsible for purchasing Course A of Gakkenbai (Insurance Fees: JY340/Valid for one year). For more details regarding “Course A of Gakkenbai”, please refer to the *2015_gakkenbai_Pamphlet and *2015_gakkenbai_Handbook

Office of Student Support/general, 1st Fl., Faculty of Engineering Bldg.8, Hongo Campus