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On Tuesday, March 20, 2018,  Keigo Matsumoto (M2), Department of Mechano-Informatics, received President’s Award for Students (Category: Academic Achievement).

The presentation ceremony for the University of Tokyo President’s Award was held at Koshiba Hall on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Keigo Matsumoto, Department of Mechano-Informatics, M2, received President’s Award (Category: Academic Achievement) from President Gonokami.

President’s Award is given to excellent students who redound to the honor of the University of Tokyo by making their significant achievements in the category of academic, extracurricular, and social activities as a role model for other students.

Mr. Matsumoto has received the award for the following achievement.

Unlimited corridor: a virtual reality system that manipulates human spatial perception using visuo-haptic interaction

In the field of virtual reality (VR), there is a technique called “redirected walking” that makes it possible to experience walking in a vast virtual space using a physical (real) narrow space, by manipulating human spatial perception.

Mr. Matsumoto has proposed “visuo-haptic redirection” by using haptics in redirected walking for the first time. He has also developed the technology that enables unlimited walking in VR space by using the space of 1/30 of the existing method.

In addition, he has developed “Unlimited Corridor” based on his research results, and it has been awarded many prizes including “The Japan Media Arts Festival” organized by The Agency of Cultural Affairs. It has been recognized as a media art piece that opens a new era in the field of art as well as society, in general. His work has also drawn attention worldwide in the academic field including publications in international journals and presentations in international academic societies, etc.







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Shohei Yoshizawa, M2, Graduate School of Public Policy and Saho Kajiwara, M1, Department of Integrated Educational Sciences, Graduate School of Education, received The Best Award of “Program for Leading Graduate Schools, The Third Business Plan Competition – Co-creation by students and business experts – “. ※ Above-mentioned grades are correct as of the day of receiving the award.

On Tuesday, January 30th, 2018, GCL course students Shohei Yoshizawa and Saho Kajiwara, received The Best Award of “Program for Leading Graduate Schools,The Third Business Plan Competition – Co-creation by students and business experts – ” that has been held at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

This time, we have applied to “Program for Leading Graduate Schools, The Third Business Plan Competition – Co-creation by students and business experts – ” as team “Emergensor” from GCL program of the University of Tokyo, and successfully received The Best Award.

This competition has provided an opportunity for the leading programs’ students to facilitate co-creation of startups with business and industry experts. Students are expected to learn how they can actually implement their ideas in the society. Judges and mentors have reviewed our idea on “Emergensor”, and have kindly suggested business models on this occasion.

We, the whole team, will make the effort to develop a new business through utilizing the experiences and the knowledge gained from this competition.
(Shohei Yoshizawa, Graduate School of Public Policy)

Photo, taken by Kenji Kagawa and offered by The Third Business Plan Competition Executive Committee

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Congratulations to Yoko Matsuoka, student of Economic Policy Program, GraSPP, who was awarded the SciREX SUMMER CAMP 2016 for best poster at the STIG summer camp.

She received the prize for the poster, titled “The web survey and analysis relating the characteristics of behavioral economics and the action of food choices”.


Ehsan and Mahdi Javanmardi, Doctoral degree students, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology (IST) was introduced by “Discover Our People” of The UTokyo Website dated April 15, 2016. For further information, please see an article on “The Bonds of Brotherhood Accelerate Autonomous Driving and Bridge the Gap between Iran and Japan”.


An article on “Support for Patients and their families with rare diseases” by Mr. Shun Emoto, Graduate School of Medicine, was featured on “Face” of The Yomiuri Shimbun dated February 6, 2016.


Mr. Souta Sato, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences was introduced by The Asahi Shimbun (Digital Version) dated January 23, 2016.
For further information, please see an article on “Youth participation in PR activities of “Maide Beef” as the pride of Iidate village, and their great efforts toward recovery”.


Autodesk Panorama boot camp 2015@Tongji University -The GCL team was chosen to represent Japan!

We are pleased to announce that GCL team was chosen to represent Japan for “Autodesk Panorama boot camp 2015”, to be held at Tongji University, Shanghai, from March 9 through 13, 2015.

The GCL team consists of following three students;
Kaoru Yamaoka
Kazuhiro Sasabuchi
Ryohei Suzuki

For more information, please check here at

Thank you.