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GCL TechTalks

What is the GCL Tech Talks

The purpose of the GCL TechTalk is to provide opportunities for the course students to understand diverse social issues and consider possible solutions by hot discussions with professionals who are active in the forefront of variety of fields from Japan and overseas.

The GCL TechTalk series consists of the following five kinds of programs:

  • Global Design – Symposium: Large symposium that is based on collaboration among government, industry and academia
  • Global Design – Lecture: Lecture that is conducted by the faculties of the UTokyo
  • Global Design – Seminar: Seminar that is conducted by the experts outside the UTokyo
  • Global Design – Leading Researcher Session: An information-exchange opportunity between the UTokyo researchers (Doctoral Course) and corporate researchers
  • Global Design – BBS (Brown Bags Seminar): Free style small seminar that is conducted by the experts both inside and outside the UTokyo
  • Global Design – Hackathon: An intensive collaborative event to solve various social problems through effective utilization of ICT

In principle, the attendance score in the GCL TechTalk series is used for the assessment of subsidy of M2, D1, and D2 students. It is also used to screen the GCL course M1 students who want to continue as GCL course M2 student. Please note that M1 students are required to submit at least three attendance reports by no later than the screening date.

What to include in the GCL TechTalk attendance report

1. Summary of the key points of the talk
2. What you have learned from the talk, e.g. new idea inspired by the presentation, etc..

Following the above points, the report should be written in a way that is understandable even for someone who has not attended the talk.
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  • Click on the Icon to download the report form.

Submission Methods for GCL TechTalk attendance report


You can find each specific URL for the attendance report submission in each announcement of the GCL Tech Talk.

  • The attendance report should be submitted within two weeks after the talk.
  • If you simply miss a deadline, you cannot submit the report, please note.
  • The URL for the report submission will be notified differently each time.

The submission of Proposal

Prior conducting the GCL Tech Talks, you are required to submit the full proposal to gcl_techtalk[a] (Please replace [at] to @). After receiving permission, please proceed with the necessary preparation for that in accordance with the designated procedure (See the page 3.)

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Individual consultation is also available by email to POC at gcl_techtalk[a] replace [at] to @).