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Overview of GCL

What is the Program for Leading Graduate Schools?

The Program for Leading Graduate Schools is a project designed to support a fundamental reform of graduate school education and promote the establishment of a graduate school appropriate to institutes of higher learning. With the aim of training talented students to become global leaders having a holistic view and creativity in wide-ranging fields of industry, academia, and government, the reform seeks to establish and develop an interdisciplinary doctoral program of global quality integrated with a master’s program, rallying leading researchers and students inside and outside Japan and involving industry, academia, and government.

The Social ICT Global Creative Leaders (GCL) program aims to develop leaders who have the ability and skills to understand the dynamics of contemporary social and economic systems from a glocal perspective, as well as from an informational, institutional and economic perspective, and to identify essential problems and possibilities. The prospective participants have the ability and skills to discover essential problems and possibilities. In addition, they will have the ability to develop a new vision of society and a scenario for value creation based on high ideals and ethics, with a deep understanding of both the potential of advanced science and technology and its value and meaning for people. The program aims to foster people with the following capabilities. “Ability to design new knowledge-based socio-economic systems creatively and concretely based on advanced ICT in big data, complex systems, and human systems, as well as engineering, agriculture, medicine, and social sciences”; “Ability to formulate projects that embody new designs, obtain consensus from stakeholders, and lead a group of world-class experts under strategic project management In addition, the program tries to foster the ability to create the methodology itself. The goal of the GCL is to nurture students who possess all of these abilities and the ability to innovate.

Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded a doctoral degree in their major with the inscription “Completion of the Social ICT Global Creative Leader Development Program”. A certificate of course completion will also be issued separately.


The Graduate Program for Social ICT Global Creative Leaders (GCL) is an interdisciplinary doctoral program to train top leaders/groups leading a global society, involving 17 departments of nine graduate schools at the University of Tokyo. On completion of the program, students receive a doctorate with a note reading, “The above-mentioned has completed the Graduate Program for Social ICT Global Creative Leaders,” from their departments. In addition, the student will be awarded with a separate certificate of GCL program completion.


Figure 1: Conceptual illustration of the GCL program